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The type of triangle self-tapping screw and the choice of groove shape


Triangle tapping screw head type

1, pan head P

2, flat head B

3﹑round head R

4 ﹑ Umbrella head T

5, flat top countersunk head F

6, Umbrella head with silk N

Triangle self-tapping screw head type selection

1. Pan head P is preferred: When flat head B and round head R are used, pan head should be considered instead. Pan head screws can be considered when the holes of the parts to be locked are relatively small and the material is hard.

2. Umbrella head T: When the hole of the part to be locked is relatively large and the material is soft, pan-head screws can be considered. For special circumstances such as relatively large holes and soft material, consider the umbrella head with silk N.

3. Flat-top countersunk head F: Select when the screw head needs to be embedded in the surface of the part to be locked due to mechanism or appearance requirements.

Triangular self-tapping screw groove selection

1. Cross groove: Standard groove shape, this groove shape is preferred if there is no special requirement.

2. One-word slot: Old-fashioned slot type, considering the operation problem, it is not recommended to use or it is recommended to disable it.

3. Cross plus one-word slot: Used for parts that consumers often need to disassemble and assemble, which is convenient for consumers to disassemble and assemble.

4. Coin tip: Consider the case where consumers use it outdoors or who may not have a screwdriver at home. The use process may require disassembly and assembly.

5. Torx head: used for parts that may cause potential safety hazards or not allow consumers to modify performance parameters after the screw is removed. It must be disassembled and assembled by professionals with special tools.

6. ​​I-head (also known as H head): The usage is the same as that of plum blossom head. It is not recommended or recommended to be banned.

7. Other head types: It is recommended to disable.

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