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Screw knowledge:Do you know the broad meaning of standard parts?


Standard parts refer to the structure, dimensions, drawings, markings, etc. that have been fully standardized, and are commonly used parts (parts) produced by professional manufacturers, such as threaded parts, keys, pins, rolling bearings, etc. The bolt performance grades for railway bolt steel structure connection are divided into more than 10 grades such as 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9, among which bolts of grade 8.8 and above are made of low-carbon alloy steel or medium-carbon steel. After heat treatment (quenching and tempering), they are generally called high-strength bolts, and the rest are generally called ordinary bolts. The bolt performance grade label consists of two numbers, which respectively represent the nominal tensile strength value and the yield ratio of the bolt material. Broadly speaking, it includes standard fasteners, connectors, transmission parts, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, springs and other mechanical parts. Fasteners in a narrow sense only include standardized fasteners. The common standard parts in our country are the abbreviations of standard fasteners, which is a narrow concept, but the existence of a broad concept cannot be ruled out. In addition, there are industrial standard parts, such as automobile standard parts, mold standard parts, etc., which also belong to broad standard parts.
Common standard parts
It is a mechanical part (part) with a clear standard. The anti-loosening nut originated from abroad. It is permanently attached to the thread with a special engineering plastic, so that in the process of shrinking the internal and external threads, the engineering plastic is squeezed to produce a strong reaction force, which greatly increases the gap between the internal and external threads. Friction provides absolute resistance to vibration. The main standards used for standard parts are China National Standards (GB), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ANSI/ASME), etc. Other Japanese (JIS), German (DIN) and other standards are also widely used worldwide.
Mechanical parts have a high degree of standardization and strong versatility, and are also called general-purpose parts in the industry. Common standard parts include fasteners, connectors, transmission parts, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, springs, etc., with corresponding national standards and cross-industry versatility.
Commonly used industrial standard parts include mold standard parts and automobile standard parts. When a product is widely used in the industry, it is a common component; common component standards are usually formulated by industry leaders and widely accepted in the industry, so that corporate standards become de facto industry standards, which can be called It is an industry standard part.
There are injection mold bases, push rod push tubes, hot runner molds, etc.
There are many types, such as spark plugs, door locks, shock absorbers, automotive fasteners, etc., see "Automotive Standard Parts Manual" for details. Welding nut is a kind of nut suitable for welding on the outside of the nut. It is generally made of weldable material and thicker and suitable for welding. Welding is equivalent to turning two separate parts into a whole, melting the metal at high temperature and then mixing After cooling together, the alloy will be added in the middle, the internal is the function of molecular force, and the strength is generally greater than the strength of the parent body. The more mature an industry, the higher the degree of standardization, and the more standard parts, the lower the cost of the industry. However, it is necessary to avoid excessive standardization, resulting in a single product type and low-end competition.

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