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Precautions for screw maintenance


Screws are usually used on large-scale machinery and equipment, and are closely related to the performance of machinery and equipment. If the screw is suddenly damaged during use, it may severely damage the device and cause the device to fail to operate normally. Therefore, in the process of using the screw, it is best to maintain and repair it so that it can be used more safely.

When using and maintaining screws, you need to pay attention to the following six main issues:

1. The process of rinsing the screws is very important, and it needs to be very careful. There will be residues on the surface of the screws during the process. The rinsing step is after the silicate cleaning agent is cleaned.

2. In the process of tempering and heating, the stack of screws must be combined together, otherwise it will cause slight oxidation in the quenching oil.

3. White phosphide residues will appear on the surface of the high-strength screw, indicating that (point 1) the inspection during the operation is not careful enough.

4. The surface of the part will turn black and a chemical reaction will occur, indicating that the heat treatment has not been completely completed and the alkaline residue on the surface has not been completely removed.

5. During the flushing process, the standard parts of the parts will rust, so the flushing water should be replaced frequently.

6. Excessive corrosion indicates that the quenching oil has been used for too long, and new oil needs to be added or replaced.

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