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The use and classification of concrete nails

Cement nails, commonly known as steel nails, are a kind of nails. They are made of carbon steel. The material is 45 or 60 steel. It is processed by wire drawing, annealing, nail making, and quenching, so the texture is relatively hard. Its function is to nail to some harder objects that other nails can't nail, because the material is very different from ordinary nails, and it belongs to special nails. Cement nails are very hard, thick and short, and have strong chiseling ability.
Classification of nails for concrete:
Cement nails have sliding rods, straight grains, diagonal grains, spirals, slubs, etc. The common ones are straight grains or sliding rods.
Concrete nails are steel nails with very high hardness, which are generally divided into ordinary concrete nails and concrete shot nails. Ordinary concrete nails are generally used for fixing the line clips on the surface of concrete and brick walls and are driven in with a hammer. The concrete nails are driven in with a nail gun, which is mostly used to connect the concrete column and the wall tie bars. After the nails are injected, steel bars are used to weld the nails.
According to different classification methods, cement nails can be divided into: blackened cement nails, bluish cement nails, colored cement nails, countersunk cement nails, K-shaped cement nails, T-shaped cement nails, galvanized cement nails, and so on.
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