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The general use of various types of nails


 Traditional nailing is the most common method of wood connection in wooden construction. Various types and grades of screws can be found on the market. In recent years, the use of screws has gradually increased, mainly for fixing plates in load-bearing structures. Nails and screws can be used in conjunction with structural connection fasteners to conduct stress. When nails, screws and structural connection fasteners are used outdoors, stainless steel products or anti-rust treatment must be used.

Hot-dip galvanized round nails are generally used for outdoor hanging boards, unless there are other special indications. Stainless steel nails are mainly used in exposed areas, mainly used to connect larch wood, western red cedar or pressurized anticorrosive external board. When connecting a group of boards, close to the cross section of the wood or harder wood, it is necessary to drill in advance.
When nailing wood moldings that need to be filled or painted, pattern nails should be used. This nail is suitable for hiding joints.
Mixed contact of different metals, such as the use of light metal nails on copper nail plates, is not allowed. Hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel nails must be used outdoors and used in specific exposed areas.
A hot-dip galvanized layer greater than or equal to 50 microns is equivalent to the corrosion resistance class C4. Stainless steel grade A2 is equivalent to corrosion resistance grade C4, and A4 is equivalent to corrosion resistance grade C5.
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