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Introduction to the specifications and uses of Square Head Wood Screws

Product Introduction
Square Head Wood Screws , also referred to as hexagon socket bolts, cup-head screws, and hexagon socket screws have different names, but they represent the same meaning. Commonly used hexagon socket head screws also have 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9. Also called hexagon socket screws, also called hexagon socket bolts. Its head is hexagonal and cylindrical. According to the material, there are stainless steel and iron. Stainless steel has stainless steel SUS202 hexagon socket head screw. This is a common stainless steel material. There are stainless steel SUS304 hexagon socket head screw and stainless steel SUS316 hexagon socket head screw. Iron is classified according to the strength grade of hexagon socket head screws. There are 4.8 grade hexagon socket head screws, 8.8 grade hexagon socket head screws, 10.9 grade hexagon socket head screws, and 12.9 grade hexagon socket head screws. Class 8.8-12.9 hexagon socket head screws are called high-strength, high-grade hexagon socket bolts. Standard No. StandardNo: GB/T 70.1-2008.
Product Usage
Similar to countersunk head screws, the nail head is buried in the machine, and the connection strength is greater, but the screws must be assembled and disassembled with the corresponding specification Allen wrench. Generally used on various machine tools and their accessories.
The national standard of hexagon socket head screws is GB70-1985. There are many specifications and sizes. Common specifications are 3*8, 3*10, 3*12, 3*16, 3*20, 3*25, 3 *30, 3*45, 4*8, 4*10, 4*12, 4*16, 4*20, 4*25, 4*30, 4*35, 4*45, 5*10, 5*12 , 5*16, 5*20, 5*25, 6*12, 6*14, 6*16, 6*25, 8*14, 8*16, 8*20, 8*25, 8*30, 8 *35, 8*40 and so on.


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