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Bright prospects for the future development of fasteners


   From the perspective of the development of the entire manufacturing industry, fasteners are referred to as "the rice of industry". Fasteners usually only occupy a small part of the entire product structure, but as an organic part of the product, they play an important role. From the perspective of the application of standard fasteners in the world, the electronics industry, maintenance and construction industry, and automobile industry are the three major users of fasteners. For example, there are many types of automotive fasteners, which are mainly divided into four categories, including standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, standard mechanical components and non-standard mechanical components; among them, non-standard fasteners require high quality. Among the non-standard fasteners, engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, wheel bolts, suspension bolts, etc., due to their high quality and good stability, my country still cannot meet the requirements of localization, and a small part of it depends on imports.

  Due to the insufficient attention paid to fasteners in the automotive industry, the development of automotive fasteners lags far behind the development of the automotive industry. Fasteners occupies a small proportion in the finished automobile, but they cause great damage to the whole vehicle. The reasons for the fracture of the fasteners can be analyzed from the following three aspects. The material strength of the fasteners is not enough. Fracture occurs under the action of external load; due to the unreasonable materials used in the fastener during the heat treatment process, there are defects such as surface cracks; due to the fatigue fracture of the fastener under the action of long-term external load.

    In order to produce high-quality fastener standard products, in the process of selecting the steel used for fasteners, the chemical composition of the steel used must be strictly controlled to reduce the content of harmful elements S, P, and O in the steel, and reduce oxides and vulcanization. The impact of inclusions on the cracking during the fastener production process; in the fastener heat treatment process, strictly control the temperature, time and atmosphere in the heating furnace to reduce the oxidation and decarburization of the surface of the fastener product. Therefore, final sorting and inspection must be carried out after mass production is completed, such as manual sorting, eddy current sorting, optical sensing size and contour sorting, and sorting out defective products with obvious defects, such as surface cracks, surface Decarburization and unqualified products to meet customer requirements. Defect-free fasteners are the key to ensuring the smooth operation of the assembly line, the safe driving of vehicles, and the good reputation of the manufacturer.

  Although China's output is huge, fasteners started late compared to foreign countries. Many companies have low investment in science and technology, weak technology development, backward process technology, long delivery cycle, greatly delayed quality improvement and increase in quantity, weak corporate innovation strategy awareness, insufficient independent innovation capabilities, and corporate innovation system The construction is not perfect. In recent years, a large number of foreign fastener companies have poured into the country, and my country's fastener companies have both challenges and opportunities. Domestic fastener companies need to build brands, improve quality, ensure a higher qualification rate of parts, and continue to work towards the goal of zero defects.

  Although there is still a significant gap between domestic fastener companies and foreign advanced levels, my country's fastener standard parts industry has a certain industrial foundation and advantages after long-term development. Small scale, weak technical force, relying on inferior raw materials and cutting corners to compete at low prices, fastener companies without a brand will be eliminated in the transformation and innovation.

From the perspective of the world pattern, my country is a major fastener producer. The world cannot do without China's fastener manufacturing. my country also needs the world market. The industry has broad room for development whether it is horizontal scale development or vertical technology upgrade. The industry must work hard. Become a strong producer of fasteners.

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