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How to install expansion screws

1. First of all, you need to prepare the tools, an electric drill, a hammer, and an alloy drill with the same diameter as the expansion screw.
2. Next, drill holes in the wall with a hand electric drill, and the depth of the hole is more particular, and it should be as long as the bolt. Then bury the screw set into the hole together. At this time, do not rush off the nut, otherwise it will be difficult to take it out.
3. Hit the fixed object on the fixing piece and align it with the screw. At the same time, tighten the outer gasket. Then insert the inner expansion bolt into the hole, use a wrench to flush the gasket and the fixed surface, and finally remove the nut.
Second, what are the precautions for installing expansion screws
1. The expansion screws must be installed on a relatively hard wall. If the wall is soft, it is easy to fall off later, such as not being able to be installed directly in the gap of the wall.
2. It should be noted that the nut can not be unscrewed in the early stage, because the hole is prevented from being drilled deeper, and then it can not be taken out.
3. If you want to install more conveniently and quickly, you can also use the expansion screw installer, which is specially designed for expansion screws. There is a hexagonal tube on the surface and a tube body. You only need to punch a hole with an expansion screw, and then quickly tighten it, and the installation can be successful. So if you can't, you can use this installer, it will be more convenient.
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