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Five factors affecting the purchase of hardware accessories



Hardware accessories are put on the agenda as building materials go to the countryside, and rural areas have become the largest market for door and window hardware companies. How to seize opportunities and seize development opportunities has become an issue of great concern for many door and window hardware companies.
One, create a differentiated marketing model
The increasingly fierce competition has made the vast majority of companies have a consensus that winning is at the starting line. With the advancement of new rural construction and urbanization, a huge demand gap has appeared in the building materials industry, and rural areas have become the last and largest business opportunity in the entire industry. Going to the countryside has become a hot spot in the industry for a while. In particular, the Central Government’s "No. 1 Document" regards supporting farmers to build houses as a major measure to expand domestic demand, adopts effective measures to promote the construction of building materials to the countryside, and encourages farmers to build their own houses in accordance with laws and regulations. So far, The road of building materials to the countryside has gradually become clear and has become the key direction of the building materials industry's marketing.
The policy of "building materials to the countryside" has allowed various home building materials companies to see the future marketing direction, and it has also brought unlimited market opportunities for them. According to the analysis of relevant people, the construction of building materials to the countryside is expected to drive consumption of about 550 billion yuan each year. It has become an excellent opportunity for door and window hardware companies to explore the third and fourth tier markets. It is also a watershed for aspiring and ideal door and window hardware companies to become bigger and stronger. Therefore, as a door and window hardware company, it should self-improve its strategic height and formulate a The market's product solutions create a marketing model that is different from the first- and second-tier cities.
Second, launch sub-brands based on local conditions
When many first-tier hardware accessories brand companies enter the rural market, they are worried that they will damage their original brand image and will be thankless. Especially after the country’s relevant agricultural policies are over, it is not conducive to their presence in the third and fourth tier markets. In this regard, first-line door and window hardware companies should rationally design the brand structure, launch sub-brands for the third and fourth-tier markets, and form an endorsed brand structure. This can fully develop the brand personality of the sub-brands and make them closer to the third The fourth-tier market has also avoided the damage of the original brand, and jointly formed a strong synergy of the corporate brand.
Third, formulate an efficient communication strategy
The third and fourth-tier markets have great price elasticity, but not all consumers only pay attention to prices and do not care about brands. To some extent, consumers in the third and fourth-tier markets are more irrational and easier to shop than urban consumers. Follow the trend to buy. Within their price logic, they are more willing to buy brands and make life branding become the pursuit of some consumers. Therefore, first-line door and window hardware companies should cleverly integrate the existing advantages of the brand and develop efficient communication strategies. Of course, Limited to the status quo of the media in the third and fourth tier markets, outdoor and bus advertising will have better results.
Fourth, develop products closer to market demand
Most of the existing products of door and window hardware accessories companies are mainly for the high-end market in large and medium-sized cities, but this does not become an obstacle that hinders door and window companies from competing for the rural market. Door and window hardware companies can use their own talents, technology, equipment and other advantages. In response to the consumer demand of the third and fourth-tier markets, we have developed new products that are closer to the needs of consumers.
Fifth, reasonable layout of channels
   Channels are the bridges for products to reach consumers, and their importance cannot be ignored. From the current point of view, many companies have a fairly complete channel layout in large and medium-sized cities, but channels for the third and fourth tier markets are still under construction.
In the third and fourth-tier markets, direct investment or delineate areas, encourage regional dealers to develop third- and fourth-tier distributors, and become the two ideal methods for first-line door and window hardware enterprises. Direct investment, the company invests more manpower and material resources , But the channel is flat, easy to control and build channels in the future, and its contribution to sales growth will also appear for a long time. While encouraging regional dealers to develop distributors, the cost is low, and the early sales growth is fast, but the management and control are difficult to implement, and it is difficult to deepen the channel. Later sales growth is difficult. Therefore, companies can carry out reasonable channel layout according to their actual capabilities and local market conditions
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